Thursday, January 21, 2010


Well, well...

I have just met with a friend from long ago to catch up and share some professional information and experience. I had a wonderful time as is often the case when I catch up with someone that life's busy-ness keeps me from being in contact with more often. And at the end of our time together, when we were saying our goodbyes, she shared with me that she is subscribed to my blog and encouraged me to post more.

As a result I find myself wanting to write something for this blog during a short break that I have today; I am motivated. My motivation today reminds me of a podcast I listened to yesterday about the power of a compliment and the power of a person paying attention. This podcast (and I hope to perhaps post the link to it soon) pointed out that so many of us who create, be it writing, photography, drawing, painting, pottery, while we are motivated internally by a drive to create are very positively affected by people noticing our work and giving us a compliment.

This got me to thinking. If we are making an effort to live our lives creatively (and by this I don't necessarily mean artistically, but also the simple act of creatively living our lives) won't we be similarly encouraged? Can't we all feel these good feelings I am experiencing by just knowing there is one person out there interested in reading my blog? In short, don't we all thrive on compliments, or even just knowing someone is paying attention to us? I think so.

With this in mind, what would happen if we attempted to ripple a wave of compliments through the world? A kind of "paying it forward" of compliments.

So here is a challenge for you that might read this post: Try, at least once a day, to notice what someone in your environment is doing or creating that has a positive intent or positive outcome, and let them know you have noticed. Perhaps even offer them a compliment. You might just have made someone's day.

My best,


  1. Thank you Brian for reminding me that just living can be creative. I will do part.

  2. Thanks both of you. I appreciate your comments and especially your efforts. And by the way, you are my first commentors on my short lived blog. So, you have helped me to reach a milestone. I must feel a bit like the main character from the movie "Julie and Julia" when she discovers that people are actually reading her words. This gives me wind under my wings. Many thanks.